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>> are you voting for fiscal cliff is hours from reality, are our elected leaders closer to a deal? we will take a look. gingeran lllp decrease nausea. 00ow , rit now. hangover care of fr a popular bar, the scene of a weekend shooting death, this morning, you are popular bar, the scene of a weekend shooting death, this morning, you are going to learn why many say they are not murder in 2009 and 20102010, the crime scene tape is up again, arundel county watering hole is the scene of a weekend shooting. hello 2013, a look in preparations for the big new year's eve celebration locally and around the nation on this monday, december 31st, good morning, thank you for joining us i'm charley crowson. meagan is off today for this, the final day of 2012. how are things going to be out surprise popular bar, the scene of a weekend shooting death, this morning, you are going to learn why many say they are not surprise ed by the latest attack. hilary clinton is hospitalized again what doctors found that required immediate action. the playoffs are
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there weather wise? first, got to know how it's going to be today. here is mike masco. we will do a lot of clouds this afternoon, a cool note. look at the temperatures, 27 baltimore, stevensville, easton be 1. a wind right now. making the temperatures feel like it's in to the teens in spots. manchester, one of the spots. 21 baltimore. chilly start this morning, that a harrowing ordeal for a mother and her three small children, their car hit a patch of ice and slid in to a river. rescuers braved the cold water to get them out. they had to break the passenger side window and pull the family will give way to clouds today. if you notice on the satellite picture, a lot of broken clouds across the region. that's the deal towards the afternoon hours. temperatures around 43 degrees. it's a bitter blast as we head in to the end of the week. more coming up in a little bit. now a check on traffic early, loren cook, problems? fortunately the jfx is clear heading downtown. no problems whatsoever. everything remaining up to speed on 95 through the fort mc out. all while the water continued filling up the vehicle. >> i can only imagine what she thought with the three kids in the backseat who were all properly seat belted in, the infant was in the car seat. >> everyone made it out safely. the child safety seat and quick action by the rescuers kept this from becoming a far worst tragedy. what do you do with the tree left over? you can trash it, recycle or
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henry, harbor going to be in great shape. on the beltway, here is a live look outside, the west side, traffic along, no problems liberty to route 40. here is parkville, harford, no problems up to towson this morning. that's a look at your time saver traffic, charlie, over to you. the day is here, less than 24 hours to go, until we tumble off of the looming fiscal cliff, if lawmakers can't reach an agreement before midnight. feed it hungry goats. a farm in rhode island let's neighbors drop off trees and feeds them to a herd of 50 goats. lambs and cows enjoy munching away. an officer in illinois had to deliver a baby. the baby was his newest daughter. he got the family in to the car to head to the hospital. his little girl was not going to wait around. republicans and democrats remain at odds over key issues like the income threshold for higher tax rates. here is andrew spencer with the latest on the showdown. >> if there is a ultimate compromise, there will be parts that i find disgusting and reprehensible that i may have to swallow. >> reporter: a session on capitol hill, as lawmakers work on avoiding the fiscal cliff. talks hit a quote major set back on sunday over social he pulled over and delivered the child within minutes, but the umbilical cord was managed around her neck. he managed to keep her breathing. >> when she started breathing, we were like, oh my hogoshth sh is breathing. >> they are doing fine. dad used to make fun of people who used to have babies on the side of roads now he understands how that could happen. if that happened on a baltimore road, we would have back ups.
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security benefits according to a democratic course. both sides agree to push forward. >> i'm willing to get this done. i need a dance partner. >> reporter: joe biden is that person for senate minority leader mitch mc connell. the two are taking over talks => if nothing is resolved by midnight tonight, tax rates for all americans will increase, $2000 for the average middle class family. >> one mom said that's four >> can you imagine that? >> have you had an alert on the traffic system? >> i have, a couple of months ago. >> this was on the outer loop. >> west side of the beltway. pretty cool. i'm glad your wife didn't give birth on the beltway. so far, so good on the roads. it's cold out there this morning. >> sorry. >> you said -- you said the cold air -- where are you going? >> i'm going to go do the months groceries that's commuting back trillion in additional spending cuts. so we would have $2 of spending cuts for $1 of increased revenue. >> reporter: the senate reconvenes at 11:00 a.m., as americans celebrate cuts. so we would have $2 of spending cuts for $1 of increased revenue. >> reporter: the senate reconvenes at 11:00 a.m., as weather. >> it's cold. 29 downtown. that's cold. suburbs in to the 20s in many spots. manchester, to the north 23 degrees, joppa 26. this is how it looks, or feels with the westerly wind, a slight westerly wind, that's knocking the real-feel temperatures in to the teens and 20s. clouds out there, our planner does reflect the clouds this
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americans celebrate the beginning of 2013, they may make up wishing it were 2012 when they of increased revenue. >> reporter: the senate reconvenes at 11:00 a.m., as americans celebrate the beginning of 2013, they may make up wishing it were 2012 when they had more money in their pockets. >> the thing that won't be going up are the milk prices. the house and senate agriculture committees agreed to a 1ee extension of a farm bill preventing the cost of afternoon. more so, though, towards the 2:00, 4:00 hour. that storm from the weekend, there it is over the canadian maritimes, lake bands of snow coming through up state new york. things are benign. notice there is a storm back out over texas, not a big deal. we have been watching this over the last day or so. this is going to slide towards the south. lit deliver clouds over the next 24-36 hours. milk for doubling. if there were no actions we could have seen milk at $7 a gallon. hilary clinton won't be returning to week, hospitalized with a blood clot. the clot was discovered by doctors during a follow up exam and she was taken to a hospital to be monitored. violence in the glen burnie tavern that has a history of look over the eastern third of the nation, buffalo, lexington 24 degrees. prince albert 22 below zero. that is the cold air on its way over the next couple of days. by wednesday, this charge of arctic air will come across the lakes and be over the state as we go in to wednesday and thursday. we will show you that in the seven-day forecast. clouds this showers will develop over southern maryland. we will go 43 degrees for the 2-
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problems. police say a 31 year-old man was killed sunday nite. sherrie johnson has reaction from neighbors in the area, and from what we understand the people are not happy at all. >> that's right. neighbors are very concerned about the latest shooting. it not first shooting or the second, there have been three shooting at the tavern in three years. police are still look for the suspect in the latest shooting. it happened sunday before 5:30, degree guarantee turning cloudy. 32 for the overnight. midnight 35 degrees. 43 for new years day. 37 wednesday. look how chilly thursday, 34, overnight lows in to the 20s, 35 on friday, saturday in to the weekend, temperatures in to the 30s to and 40 degrees. talking about the forecast in a little bit. going to have to bundle up if you are watching the police say 31-year-old jones was shot outside of the bar and died at a local hospital. the suspect drove off. an ak 47 was used in one of the shootings. neighboring businesses say they are sick of constant drug activity. >> some of our customers, scared to come in. i like to see the place close down. >> the owner went before the liquor board last year. fireworks. cold one, if you are traveling on 95, no delays in howard county, it's going to take you 12 minutes to travel elk ridge to downtown baltimore. everything will remain in great shape through the fort mc henry and the harbor tunnel. traveling on the west side, here is what it looks like at liberty road. old court road. traffic along, we have reports of downed wires in windsor mill blocking a lane of liberty road. heading up to hunt valley, 83,
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he is operating with restriction. it's possible the board will look at the most recent incident and determine if changes should be made to the license. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. he shot at his sister and took off. this morning, the harford county sheriff's office says people in edgewood should be on guard. investigators are searching for keith burly. the sheriff's office says he shot through the door of a house hitting his sister. she is expected to survive. shawan road, everything up to speed. it will remain clear onto the jfx and head downtown. that's a look at your time saver traffic, charlie, over to you. students at sandy hook will be returning to class on thursday. attending a school in a nearby town. the coo of the long island power authority is officially stepping down today. the shooting followed an all day argument between burly and his family. >> should the public be concerned? >> we believe the individual is out and armed and dangerous and don't know his frame of mind. i don't have a feeling for what the art was about it's hard to predict who he is angry at. >> he came back sunday morning after the shooting leaving before police arrived. unattended candle cost a his resignation after criticism. the man accused of killing a dozen people in a colorado theater is going to be in court on wednesday. james holmes is charged with multiple counts of murder. a hagerstown teen two died in a crash is being honored as pa t of the float in the tournament of roses parade tomorrow. hoover's family donated organs after he died.
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family more than $100,000 in damage after a fire broke out. investigators say a 4 year old saw the fire and alerted his grandmother. man inside tried to put the fire out with a blanket and extinguisher, the smoke and flames became too intense. national news, 9 people are dead and more than 20 injured after a tour bus crashed along a icy highway. it barreled through a guardrail and plummeted down an embankment. the bus was headed from vegas the float could journeys of the heart will feature 70 organ donors. subscriptionship plummeted. they lost 2 million subscribers. readers will have to pay for a newsweek subscription. this couple has been married for 70 years. they tied the stre i went to the movie and went to to vancouver. the bus driver survived but has not spoken with police because of severity of injuries. psychiatric evaluation has been ordered for a woman charged with pushing a man in front of a new york subway train. authorities say she admitted to pushing the man because he was the post office to see if there was a letter from him. by the time i got halfway to the post office, he caught up with me. he says, let's get married tonight. i says we can't get married tonight. he says, yes we can. no we can't. >> this isn't the first time they have been in the spotlight. effort was the first surgeon to do an overnite call shift tonight. he says, yes we can. no we can't.
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muslim. she said to police she hated muslims since 2001 and the terrorist attack on the u.s. this is the second time someone was shoved to their death in front of a new york city train. let's go to mike masco, we missed the snow on saturday, but the cold air has some in place. you had to bring it back up, didn't you? it's cold. that's the deal went got the cold in play. this morning, going in to the afternoon, we are starting out with temperatures in to the 20s, manchester , the coldest >> this isn't the first time they have been in the spotlight. effort was the first surgeon to do an overnite call shift at shock trauma. nothing is left to chance at new years eve, how the big apple is preparing for the throngs of people ringing in the new year. we have remedies that might help ease the pains of those overnight and early morning hangovers. on the board, 23 degrees, a lot of clouds part of the forecast for your afternoon. there is a wind coming out of the westerly direction 5-10 at times. that has made the windchill values fall in to the teens and 20s. a blend of sunshine and clouds to start your morning. 9:00 a.m., 28 degrees. by lunchtime, up to 35, on our way in to the low to middle 40s. the new year's eve forecast coming up in a little bit. times square celebrates new years with a crystal ball. this is our ];f#storm shiel app. the watches and warnings are out there. there is a storm on the board towards the west, more coming up after this.
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baltimore uses fireworks. in mobile, alabama, a moon pie. the 80-pound pie will serve as part of the new pie drop. there will be parades, a life music and lighted replica. slides down the tallest building in mobile. proceeds will go for the shelter for homeless women. a couple gets a 7-pound, 2- ounce holiday surprise. this one didn't come the usual way. you will learn how her father's job skills saved this young girl's life. today brings the end of an era, a news magazine closes a door while looking ahead to its digital future. everything is up to speed on 695, i will let you know what traffic looks like on 95 and 83 on good morning maryland.
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live look at times square, the streets are empty for now. later tonight, you are not going to be able to see the pavement, a number of people,
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thousands, focus, they will be sell braying the new year for -- celebrating the new year. all the important confetti tests went off without a hitch sunday. 17million pieces will rain down at the stroke of midnight. some was handwritten wishes for the visitors. you can watch the dick clark's new year's rocking eve with ryan seacrest. dick clark died in april. tonight will be a time to remember the legendary dick clark. >> it will be celebratory in so many ways. he created the tradition for television. >> watch dick clark's new year's rocking eve here on abc 2 beginning at 8:00 tonight. who needs the ball to drop when you got fireworks. we caught up with the crews setting up for the show. get views of the fireworks from
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the inner harbor. the team is also sponsoring the display, the o's a massive, massive wonderful year, the best stories of 2012. there are new year's eve celebrations happening around the area. annapolis is holding family friendly events, activities from 3:00 until midnight for kids. maryland science center is celebrating from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., music, crafts and a ball drops that's going to take place at noon if you want to keep your little ones up so late. if you venture out tonight, mike masco, bundle up, i say. >> i will be in bed by 10:00. >> really? >> i got to work tomorrow. >> the odd thing is, when you get in to come in, i will be getting up as the ball is dropping. >> all right. it going to be cold nonetheless. >> let me know what happens.
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all goes off without a hitch. the weather will be fine for it. there is no problems, i don't see precipitation. if you are going to go to new york or local, things are okay. maybe things change. we will show you. outside, it's chilly out there, temperatures on most of the sites are in to the 20s, manchester the coldest spots. easton, 20s. glen burnie, feeling like 22. the windchills with the slight westerly wind feeling chilly. notice the clouds on top of us through the 2:00 hour on future trend, that's the deal today. as we move the timeline in to midnight, mostly cloudy skies, temperature will be in to the 30s. your seven-day forecast shows 43 this afternoon. in to the 30s tonight. we are at 43. nice cold pattern through the week. 30s and teens, overnight thursday in to friday. >> it's too cold.
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mike, you have to set your alarm and see the ball drop. wake up. nobody can miss that. 95, nice and clear. no problems from mountain to white marsh. up to hunt valley, here is what the 83 looks like at shawan road. everything is nice and clear as you make your way to the jfx. normal conditions 11 minutes to travel southbound from 695, all the way to fayette street. 695, that's in great shape. no delays parkville, all the way up to towson, over on the west side, it's going to take you 11 minutes to travel from 795, down to 95. that's a look at your time saver traffic, charlie, over to you. another loss for the ravens but no one seemed to care that much. they are the afc north champs, a spot in the playoffs coming you are. they arrested most starters, couldn't pull out the win against the bengals.
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final score 23-17. ravens play indianapolis sunday. kickoff set for 1:00. a lot to celebrate for the colts, beat houston 28-16 and did wit the head coach by their side. he spent most of the season in a cancer center, being treated for leukemia. his personal battle off the field inspired his team to a winning season on the field, even with a rookie quarterback, andrew lock. they earned a spot in the playoffs. recess isn't just a time for your kids, it may be necessary. coming up this morning at 5:00, a look at the benefits of letting children run around during the cool day and doctors want to require recess. big news for you kim
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kardashian fans. news, breaking news, overnight, how it was broken and where and what it is. we will tell you when good morning maryland continues in the 5:00 hour.
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. drinking bubbly is a tradition for most, if you overdo it as some have been known to do, there is foods to eat to help handle the hangover. drink a sports or energy drink before bed. the electrolites will rehydrate you. the fructose in fruit may help get the alcohol out of your system faster or by going diet. apples, nausea. go to the grocery stow very plain food. >> now if your stomach is wewill try a ginger bread pro
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